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How to crochet a Mimosa

Particularly as a flower cut from the characteristic and intense fragrance, it has long been the symbol of the Women's Day. Mimosa is also a beautiful evergreen tree that in Sardinia is spontaneous a little everywhere in the coastal areas, is called Mimosa Marina and differs from the more classical because of the leaves. To pay homage to Mother Nature and to all women I wanted to recreate this crocheted flower and now I have the pleasure to share it with you.
 I have created a small seedling to put in a jar but you can also make a single sprig. To create the crochet mimosa, prepare the flower that is a small ball, the sprig where sewing the flowers and the leaves that are of two different sizes to be attached to the main stem. For leaves I used cotton number 10, everything else is always number 20.

Explanation of the flower.

Start 4 chains and in the first do 9 double crochet (total 10).
1 turn: 2 double crochet closed together for the whole lap.
2 laps: with 2 slip stitch close the job.

Keep the cotton a little long enough to sew the flowers to the sprig.
Put all the flowers you need according to the length of the sprig and depending on how many sprigs you need to make.
To create the sprig when sewing the flowers, cut a piece of galvanized iron wire and wrap it over to the desired length more than 2 cm per side that will serve to be able to connect it to the star star. This sprig will be covered with green cotton (a bit clearer than what you will use for the leaves) working around the chains once on the right and once on the left of the stem. Once the sprig is ready to sew over the flowers alternating their position.

Explanation of the large leaf.

 Start 35 chains. 1 turn: 7 single crochet, 20 half double crochet, 7 single crochet. Repeat the same as on the other side of the chains. Cut off a piece of galvanized iron wire that turns 2 leaves more than 2 cm in diameter per side and insert it into the work by working around the dots. Spread the leaf well and twist on it by 2.3 times the iron wire to lock the cotton. Now without cutting the cotton, make 35 chains again and then another identical leaf. After the second leaf comes down with slip stitch to reach the iron wire and complete the work as for the first leaf.

Explanation of the medium leaf.

Start 25 chains.
1 turn: 5 single crochet, 14 half double crochet, 5 single crochet. Repeat the same on the other side of the chains. Same same procedure as large leaf.
Once you have made all the leaves and sprigs that you need, we prepare the main stem and then cut a piece of plastic wire and we bend a bit with a clamp. Just on the curvature of the tip we tie the pair of medium leaves and the first sprig of Mimosa. Below, you keep joining the leaves and sprigs according to the length of your stem. Cover the stem with the green cotton working around the chains as you did for the sprig.
To cover the curvature of the stem prepare a small cupola of cotton by starting 4 chains and in the first make 9 double crochet (total 10), hold the cotton a bit long and sew it around the top of the stem.

As always I hope I have explained everything to the best.
I just gave you an example of how to make this crocheted flower that you with your imagination are free to modify and personalize.
A wish of heart to all women who are special and wonderful every day of the year.

Good life to all. Goodbye see you soon!

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